Trauma-Informed Yoga

Trauma-informed yoga is based on a particular understanding of trauma, one that emphasizes its impact on the entire mind-body system. Though single-event trauma and complex, developmental trauma differ, both evoke the same nervous system response that involves the body’s instinctual fight/flight/freeze pattern. This is is hardwired into the human nervous system to help protect us from harm. Under normal circumstances, this provides the energy needed to propel us to safety. However, when trauma occurs and we are unable to take effective action to stay safe, our bodies continue to evoke nervous system response, even when the trauma stops.

No matter what the cause of the trauma, yoga, breath, and mantra are time-tested approaches clinically demonstrated to be effective in helping people reconnect with their body, reduce symptoms and provide the support to move from a state of reactivity to an experience of safety and calm.

No previous yoga experience is required.

Kundalini Yoga for Trauma Recovery Whitepaper

What I offer: 

  • 10-Week Program 
  • Youth Workshop
  • Individual Counseling and Grief Recovery

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Trauma Informed Yoga - Mukanday
What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga is a form of raj yoga. It is a yoga of the householder and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. It is a not a religion rather a technology for total awareness. Shared by Yogi Bhajan in the 1970’s in California, this form of yoga blends movement, mantra, and meditation to raise individual, collective and universal consciousness.

Through dynamic physical movement, kundalini yoga activities the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, expands the lung capacity, and purifies the bloodstream. Each yoga session includes a warm-up, kriya, relaxation and meditation. There are thousands of different kriyas and meditations, making no kundalini yoga class is alike. Kundalini yoga is wonderful tool for pregnancy, sleep deprivation, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress, addiction, and physical ailments.

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10 Week Program

This 10-week (1.15 hour weekly) Kundalini Yoga Trauma Recovery program is strengths based, and focuses on physiologic change toward self-efficacy and self-regulation. Participants gain skills in the process of being present with their sensations.

The curriculum includes:

  • Rhythmic, targeted movement in the form of Kriya. The intensity of yogic exercise matches that of the hyper vigilance often associated with PTSD, thus rebalancing the whole system.
  • Rhythmic breathing, called pranayama.
  • Mantra based meditation.
  • Deep Relaxation
Youth Workshop

Adolescents experience all kinds of situations that impact their assumptions of safety in the world (and in their bodies): bullying, parental divorce, separation, an accident, or loss of a loved one. Any of these situations can become traumatic, producing anxiety, stress, and trouble functioning in everyday life. And yet, adolescents who experience traumatic stress are expected to perform, learn, and focus but often don’t have the tools they need to do so.

This 3-hour workshop provides an opportunity for adolescents to explore how yoga and meditation will provide them with tools to feel safe, empowered, and self-regulated. No previous yoga or meditation experience is required. This workshop includes a mix of lecture, discussion, and yoga and meditation. This course is designed for ages of 14 to 21.