A compiled list of resources, inspirations, and best practices on all the things that matter to me. Please check for regular updates on what I am reading now!


Tao Tantric for Women: Cultivating Sexual Energy, Love, and Spirit by Minke de Vos 

Our Sexuality by Robert L. Crooks, Karla Baur, Laura Widman

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski, Ph.D. 

Sex Matters by Osho 

The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth by Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor


International Development 

International Social Worker: Professional Action in an Independent World by Lynne Healy 

Gender, Development and Disaster by Sarah Bradshaw 

Sex and World Peace by Valerie M. Hudson

Bring Rain: Helping Humanity in Crisis by Sarah Dawn Petrin


Trauma Informed Yoga - Mukanday

Creativity and Art 

Art & Yoga: Kundalini Awakening Everyday Life by Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa 


Grief and Loss 

Grief and Loss Across the Lifespan: A biopsychosocial Perspective by Juith L. M. Mccoyd

The Principles and Practice of Yoga in Health Care by Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Lorenza Cohen, Timothy McCall, et al. 

Being Mortal by Atul Gawande


The Psychological and Social Impact of Illness and Disability by Irmo Marini 

Exploring Physical and Subtle Human Anatomy by Nirmal Lumkin, LMT and Japa Kaur Khalsa, DOM

Yoga Therapy 

Yoga and Science in Pain Care by Neil Pearson, Shelly Prosko, Marlysa Sullivan, et all 

Breath: The New Science of Lost Art by James Nestor 

Understanding Yoga Therapy: Applied Philosophy and Science for Health and Well-being  by Marlysa Sullivan 

Yoga: Fascia Anatomy and Movement by Joanne Avision 

Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg


Our Moment of Choice: Evolutionary Visions and Hope for the Future by Robert Atkinson, Kurt Johnson and Deborah Moldow