Creating peace within

Meet  Nicole

Sat Naam!

I am an international social worker, sustainability adviser,  professor and trauma informed yoga teacher. My work revolves around creating peace. Creating peace within, peace to live and peace for all.

“World peace begins with inner peace”

- Dalai Lama

Passion and Purpose

Mukanday – meaning liberation – is a platform for me to fuse my passion with my purpose in meaningful ways.   With an ethos tied to my social worker roots, my offerings are designed to provide liberation from the ordinary to the extraordinary and promote wellness and peace in the workplace, marketplace and in home.

Yoga Therapy

Aid & Development Worker Support

Staff Care

Trauma-Informed Yoga


Healthcare and and Social Workers Support


Mind and Gut Health

Mind and Gut Health

We all know that our nervous system is complex. Even if we don’t remember the specifics from science class, we can all recall a time in our lives...

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Depressed = Past

Anxious = Future

Peace = Present